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Physiological Genomics

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Translational Physiology

Topic: Translational Physiology

Physiological Genomics is soliciting the submission of original manuscripts in the field of Translational Physiology, an area of research that bridges the gap between basic physiology and patient care. Papers in this field may transfer clinical insights into hypotheses that can be tested and validated in the basic research laboratory, or they may transfer knowledge gained from basic research to human physiology or even to improved methods of treating or preventing disease.

The responding authors should indicate in their cover letter that the submitted manuscript is in response to this special call for papers. The manuscript will undergo normal peer review. If published, the article will be highlighted as part of the Translational Physiology Series.  

If you have any questions or already have a manuscript in this area submitted to Physiologicial Genomics and would like to have it included for this series, please contact the Deputy Editor, Dr. S. Glueck (Phone, 617-732-8796; Fax, 617-975-0995).

Topic: Comparative Genomics

Physiological Genomics seeks original research articles, reviews (mini- or full-length), and editorials in the field of comparative genomics. Research in this field is changing dramatically due to the large amount of sequence being generated from a number of key organisms and the likelihood that many additional species will be sequenced in the future. Papers may detail genetic comparisons across species to identify gene structure, predict the physiological function of genes, and elucidate evolutionary relationships. Papers may also describe comparative approaches to structural genomics or research strategies that can be used to facilitate sequencing in other closely related species. Other appropriate topics include studies in comparative physiology that take advantage of commonalities between particular organisms at the genomic level, pharmacogenomics, proteomics, bioinformatics/computational biology, and translational research. Submissions in this area will be published, if they are accepted pending peer review, under a special banner in the online and print versions of the journal. When corresponding authors submit their manuscript online, they should indicate their response to this call for papers in an accompanying cover letter and designate their specific Manuscript Type as "Special Call for Papers." For any specific queries please contact the Deputy Editor, Susan Glueck, Ph.D. (Phone, 617-732-8796; Fax, 617-975-0995).