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The help desk is the primary point of contact between information technology and users, to one or more sectors of services of information technologies, which generally focuses on the management of incidents a given field.  Free help desk software provides user support through a hotline to help solve a software problem or hardware, or simply give him information he needs. Various means are available technicians to provide this support: Onsite, by telephone through a call center, email or via remote maintenance. It is also his task to ensure that no resolution request is lost or left unanswered.

In the field of micro-computer assistance to individuals, the latest technological advances and the surge in the number of French homes are equipped with Internet facilities tend to support the current mode to a free service that involves the user to solve his problem. The advantages are many: greater interactivity with the user responses capitalized and often made available to the community, maximum availability 24/24, 7 / 7, an image reinforced.

 Levels of intervention support services and support

Service centers have different levels to meet different types of questions. They generally offer users a central point of assistance for problems related to computers. 

It is generally two levels of intervention, sometimes three:

Level 1: the call center (or call center, front desk).

The hotline is the call (or email), the records in a database (date, time, reason), gives a reference number, diagnoses the problem and gives basic advice for resolution. Its scope is relatively limited, it generally available documentation on paper or electronically, on the most common problems encountered by users (in conjunction with his speech) called knowledge base.
If the process fails (out of time, skill level, etc..), He passes the baton to a Level 2 worker.

Level 2: the back desk.

The speaker can diagnose the fault (if level 1 has not already), go to the hardware shop or trigger on-site. He is able to guide the client by phone to resolve complex problems. Depending on the systems may be required to take the remote control (if the feature is available to existing and permits if necessary). Under the guide of good practices ITIL, level 2 may belong to different types: regulatory, functional, technique.

Level 3: the extension of level 2 by a specialist reference problem, either internal or external.

The extension of computer technical support to all types of media, including the media business. Is the service center that consolidates all the supports and assistance that support business activity. In general, the assistance centers have a limited response time corresponding to the philosophy of their employer or the volume of cases treated by the means available. The skill level also varies among providers and the orientation of the help desk

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